About Us

Who we are:

Need More Dancehall showcases everything that is music and entertainment from the vibrant industry of Dancehall and Dancehall inspired culture. We profile the hottest Artists, Producers and Entertainers in the industry. NMD promote the genre through non-bias, undiluted content and provide a platform where the influencers of this creative genre can continue to thrive.

Working alongside Labels, Studios, Influencers and Managers who are always relevant, in demand and consistently influencing the soundscape of world music supporting our state-of-the-art content delivery; content creation and brand-to-brand collaborations.

What we do:

NMD – Music Video platform:

Our platform’s integrated technology filters the most current music videos within Dancehall, whilst capturing new and trending videos to increase analytics; this includes increased viewer options, concentrated premium ads, digital brand collaboration opportunities and increased monetisation opportunities.

NMD – Profiles:

Artists, Producers and Entertainers can submit their profiles that will be uploaded directly to our website, (video profiles are also accepted). Our profile pages assist in the promotion of Artists, Producers, Dancers and Influencers to ever increase brand awareness and equity to a wider, global network.

NMD Vault:

Exclusive content that is unfiltered, undiluted and straight from the heart of all that is Dancehall; Kingston, Jamaica. Interviews, Dubplate Specials, News Reports, Freestyles and more…